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Work Order Form

Use the work order form to quickly add the information about the job, shipping, billing addresses, and calculate unit totals. Store the data in PDF right on your mobile device and share it with the client with a button click!
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work Order Form

A Step to Innovations with Mobile Work Order Invoice Forms

Let's start from figuring out what a work order form is. A work order is a request of operations work to be completed. The work may include maintenance, building, repair, etc. There are various purposes of generating a work order. Such orders usually provide an explanation of the problem or task, list of resources and tools needed for maintenance, technicians with their instructions, multiple materials and resources and more. One of the most important parts of a work order is a payment issue. A work order invoice form contains payment details, among other things.

Work order invoice forms issues

Manually created work order invoice forms are extremely prevalent in the world since the first services were established. Nowadays many companies use laptops to generate such forms. However, both of these ways of work with work order invoice forms have some issues.

  • Paper work order invoice forms slow the processes. With technicians working mostly in the field, it can be hours or days before work orders are transferred to the office. Delays significantly influence the efficiency of work and the revenue.
  • Human errors are a common thing. But when it comes to work orders, it can cost a lot to a company. With paper work orders invoice forms, it’s easy to miss information, make a mistake or inaccuracy and also illegible handwriting can cause some problems.
  • Laptops can help avoid previous issues but they have their own inconveniences. The main one is the size. It's not something that the employees can always have at hand.

An innovative format of work order invoices

Mobile technologies have thankfully helped put an end to paper-based work order invoice forms and dragging of bulky laptops in the field. Mobile work order invoice forms enable field service employees to organize, process, generate, schedule and send work order invoices from anywhere, anytime. Let's consider the benefits in more details.

  • Mobile work order invoice forms allow various industries to streamline the workflow thanks to the bridge between the jobsite and the office. Real time work with data, instant communication and decision-making can significantly optimize the whole business.
  • Saving idle time also saves money. There is also a reduction in costs of paper, its processing, transportation and storage. Just imagine, that $160k is an average amount lost in productivity annually due to paper-based filling systems. Mobile work order invoice forms are a step to significantly reduce these costs.
  • Thanks to mobile work order invoice forms the risk of lost invoices almost disappears. It is the safest way of documents storage. Also, employees have constant access to any work order invoice anywhere and at any time, using just a mobile device.
  • Mobile technologies provide customer-facing solutions. Mobile work order invoice forms are a convenient solution for both employees and customers. In the modern mobile world, any successful business should join the innovations and go mobile to attract more customers and steadily develop.

Time to act! We can list a lot of advantages, but it's better to try it yourself. Snappii offers mobile work order invoice forms and powerful work order apps with a lot of unique and extremely helpful features. No need to completely change your work approach. Just use your existing forms and convert them into full-fledged mobile apps. Make it in a few clicks and enjoy all benefits, mentioned above.

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